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The basic sniper course is aimed toward the new sniper or even veteran snipers who want to solidify the fundamentals. This course stresses the core fundamentals, making a solid foundation for snipers to build upon.

This is a 4 or 5 day, 40+ hour course.  350 rounds ammo.

We will cover...

  • Stressed precision shooting

  • Training safety

  • Legalities

  • Position shooting

  • Wind calls and formula

  • Intro to shooting through intermediate barriers

  • Moving targets

  • Log books and documentation

  • Field craft/camo

  • Building your dope

  • MOA vs MIL

Course Dates

  • April 8-11, 2024   Nunn, CO

  • Contact us if you want to host a course and we will set a date.

Let's Get Started!

See you there!

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